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Gestational Carrier Costs

Many couples long for the chance to become pregnant, but for some reason they cannot
have a baby in the traditional manner. Many couples look at gestational carrier agencies for a
solution to their problems. Gestational carrier agencies are businesses that recruit and find
women who become surrogate mothers. The surrogate mother will go through the pregnancy and
deliver a child for the prospective parents. Producing a child through a gestational carrier
agency can be uncertain. There are many costs incurred with surrogacy, such as surrogacy fees,
medical expenses and legal fees.

Due to the expense of medical fees, surrogate costs and providing representation for the intended parents to establish their parental rights over the child in court, the cost of a gestational carrier agency can be enormous. The cost of the agency’s fee directly relates to the agency’s reputation, proven success rate, quality of services provided, and the number of surrogate’s options available. . Because of the extensive time, effort, and costs to find these surrogates the Agency charges an Administrative Fee that can run upwards of $15,000 to $25,000.00 or more. (Building Families, 2011). Intended parents can also look to smaller agencies because they are less expensive, but is only a fraction of the overall cost. Mike Anderson stated, “Smaller agencies often cost less, they may not have the same resources as a large one” (Anderson, 2013). Most agencies provide many services including working with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) companies to arrange and schedule procedures and necessary travel arrangements for the surrogate mother but smaller agencies will lack some of the services that large agencies can offer. All agencies will be able to provide both the surrogate mother and the prospective couple with counseling as needed or requested. This helps both parties become more acclimated with the entire process.

The agency’s...

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