a. Describe the results of your assessment
b. How accurate is the result in describing you?
c. How will you change, if at all, as a result of this assessment?

1. What's Your Learning Style?
a. My learning style was the logical mathematics at 56% and the least learning style is the naturalistic at 8%.
b. I believe it is pretty accurate because I tend to do a lot of puzzling when learning and I’m pretty good with numbers.
c. I don’t think I would change because of the results of this assessment.

2. Type "A" Scale
a. My result shows that I’m a Hard-core Type A.
b. I think this test is really accurate because I do like to interrupt while others talk, I tend to eat , walk, work and move rapidly and like to explosive accentuation of key words.
c. I don’t think I would change because of the results of this assessment.

3. Test Your Leadership Flexibility skills
a. My results show that I’m the Experienced Level.
b. I don’t believe this test is accurate because I don’t consider myself experienced level. I don’t think I’m good in managing the change when working effectively with individuals.
c. I could consider maybe changing to becoming an experienced level person.

4. Appreciating and Valuing Diversity
a. The results show that I’m a basic understanding of the importance of valuing diversity and exhibit some behaviors that support that understanding.
b. I think it was somewhat accurate.
c. I don’t think I would change from the results this assessment gave me.

5. Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Leader?
a. Results show that I’m a perfect leader.
b. I don’t think...

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