Survival Guide College

Survival Guide College

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SURVIVAL GUIDE GEN 105 DUE January 11, 2009

What personal action plans would I develop to achieve success for?
Following topics:
o Using Axia's Educational Resources
o Upholding Academic Honesty
o Setting and Achieving Goals
o Managing Time Wisely
o Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention
o Applying Personality and Learning Styles

The personal action plan I would develop for using Axia's Educational Resources to achieve success would be to construct a hard copy overview of all the resources and refer to it during my course work. By constructing this outline of sorts I will be providing myself with a reference that will show me where to go for the specific project information I am in need of at that time. Axia provides files I can download to my computer as tools for my coursework enhancement such as: “Microsoft Internet Explorer / Outlook Express, Adobe Reader® 6.0, Macromedia Flash Player, Macromedia Shockwave Player, Microsoft Office Online File Converters and Viewers, Netscape and University of Phoenix Custom Screensaver.” I also have the advantage of the Universities Library for research of all kinds and depths. The Library is housed with article databases, books, journals, testing aids and the Library Tutorial that is the key to the Library’s use. While I use the Library’s resources searches for specific information can be made by using Boolean and wildcard logic to isolate my search needs in different databases such as Thomson Gale PowerSearch and EBSCOhost.

The personal action plan I would develop for upholding academic honesty to achieve success would be to include an academic integrity portion in my overview or outline. Axia provides us, the students, with an academic honesty policy that is quite straight forward regarding the basic elements of ethical behavior related to the use of academic resources. I believe this policy’s basis of honesty to be commonplace at any school and any level of education. I understand without...

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