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Learning how to use Axia College’s educational resources was very helpful and will be very helpful. The university’s library has just everything one needs when doing a project, paper, or just looking for information. The university library is a lot better ? than going to an actual library because it saves time. The library has many different tools to use. Something that is going to help a great deal in the future is the CWE (spell out) tool, which checks ones paper for grammar and punctuation, and checks if ones paper is plagiarized. There are many different tools in the university library that one must be familiar with before trying to navigate it. There is a tool in the library that will show how to navigate the library. One can read the library hand book or ask a librarian if one needs help.

Upholding academic honesty is very important in school.why There are many different ways to avoid plagiarism. While one is doing research it is best to keep a notebook next to one to take notes and cite where the information came from and who wrote it. It is very important to give credit to the author. Something else that will help, knowing the difference between a quotation and paraphrasing. A quotation occurs when one repeats something word for word. Doing that one must quote where it came from. A paraphrase occurs when one takes a paragraph and rewords the whole thing. With both of these they must be cited, even if one is rewording something one found off the internet, or in an article. A paper should not consist primarily of quoted information. Taking information from the internet is also considered plagiarism. Plagiarism is the same thing if one was to take the material from a book. There are different consequences of plagiarism which includes: failing the class, failing the paper or assignment and getting kicked out of school. One must face these consequences if one decides to steal work that does not belong to them.

Something very essential to one is to set...

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