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To minimize the cost and to maximize the profit are on the first priority for each profit-organization. Providing excellent products and services enables a good company to archive this goal. However, today’s successful firms may need to take further step to become an excellent company in order to make the world a better place (William Clay Ford 2000). The author of this paper, Larry R. Smith, stated that quality is the key that enable a global competitiveness as well as explained the connection between quality and environmental sustainability.

It has been mentioned that sustainability has been found to be a winning solutions for both short- and long-term effects of design on social responsibility, environmental performance and business results (James L. Richardson 2003). In addition, this winning solution can come up only by building sustainability into a design at the beginning. A problem regarding quality and sustainability related to customer satisfaction has also been discussed in this paper. Customers only care about what the need today but not tomorrow.

Besides, a methodology called TRIZ, developed by Genrich Altshuller, is an algorithm for systematic innovation and problem solving ( An example of TRIZ study of the auto industry indicated that the current system in a structural crisis linked with quality. This study predicts that the environmental sustainability will be involved in the next evolution of the system. Bedsides, environmental sustainability starts with a vision, senior managers must make a decision up front what value will be provided to a society.

In addition, the implementation progress of quality practices has been pointed out in the paper. Basic systems and standards, ISO 9000 series for example, have been applied for organization as a guiding principle to follow. Ford currently has a requirement to its suppliers to meet the ISO standard.

Corporations found that quality improvement does not only improve quality...

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