Sustainable Design and the Future

Sustainable Design and the Future

Title: Sustainable Design and the future.


• Abstract

• Aims of the Report

• What is Sustainable Design?

• What is and isn’t covered by my research?

• My contribution to Sustainable design.

• Research methods

• Conclusion


There is much talk of “sustainable design” and very little comprehension of its meaning. In this report I intend to find out to what extent people know about sustainable design and how important in could be for are future. People are being made more and more aware of the changing climate but it appears that few are doing anything about it. This is not because people do not want to help the environment but because they have not been sufficiently educated on the subject. Buildings are responsible for producing over half of all climate change emissions which is a major part of the problem. I am going to try and prove that the buildings may become part of the solution.

The concept of sustainability is at the core of the development of an architecture, which is fit for the future. In Urban Planning, design and construction, it calls for the use of materials and structure, which will ensure value whilst respecting natural resources. Intelligent technologies, innovative construction techniques, ecologically sound building materials and environmentally sensitive energy management form the essential elements of these new concepts in architecture.

Propsal: Aims of the Report

Before writing the report I have set of a number of aims so that I can keep the report clear and concise. My aims are;

• To consider the “why” as well as “what” of Sustainable Design.

• To find out how much the general public know about Sustainability.

• In the past there has been a perception in some quarters that “green” buildings are worthy but dull. This is a misconception and I hope to prove that “good design” and sustainability” can indeed go hand in hand.

• Buildings...

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