Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

ITC1C02: Fashion and Culture
with English Writing Requirements

[Perry Wong]

[How does fast fashion retailers’ eco-product mechanism
enhance the eco-awareness of buyers?]

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[23 NOV 2015]

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Performing sustainability acts as essential role for fast fashion companies due to enhancing brands image and retaining loyalty customers. Previous researches only focus on the concerns of environment protection raised by different parties and individuals. However, like business strategy, fast fashion retailers translate eco-fashion into eco-product mechanism through advertising and education their targets with diverse variables like monetary compensation, which influence the eco-awareness of customers. Interestingly, fast fashion retailer eco-management philosophy may affect their loyalty customers’ eco-awareness. In this paper, the environmental operation strategy of H&M will be discussed because of its worldwide scale. In addition, as the pioneer of eco-fashion, the effectiveness of Garment Collection Program launched by H&M in 2013 will be investigated. The results may indicate the how customers behavior being affected by either eco-exercises or business operation strategies. Different geographic customers behaviors should also be analyzed their purchasing habit in order to reduce the basis and contribute a consolidate findings on the paper. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to find the correlation between fast fashion shops eco-product mechanism and buyers’ eco-awareness.

In the past decade, consumers clothing-purchasing behavior regarding the way on buying collections has changed due to the raise of fast fashion retail shops such as H&M, Zara and Levi Strauss. Fashion is a symbolic...

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