sustaining the transformation

sustaining the transformation

MCRP 6-liD

Sustaining the Transformation

U.S. Marine Corps
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Headquarters United States Marine Corps
Washington, D.C. 20380-1775

28 June 1999

Our Corps does two things for America: we make Marines
and we win our nation's battles. Our ability to successfully
accomplish the latter, of course, depends upon how well we
do the former. We make Marines through a process called

transformation. During this process, we change young
men's and women's lives forever by imbuing them with our

nation's highest ideals. Since the birth of our Corps,
Marines have been forged in the crucible of our entry-level
training, whether it be recruit training or Officer Candidates
School. Through the years we have refined and strengthened this process in pursuit of increasingly higher standards.
Those who earn the title "Marine" have been polished and

honed by attentive mentoring and the application of our
time-proven leadership traits and principles. Transformation
does not end at the conclusion of entry-level training; it continues throughout a Marine's service—whether that service

ends after a single enlistment or lasts 30 years. Marines
maintain standards that are consistent with our core values

of honor, courage, and commitment, and they are held
accountable for maintaining the legacy of valor established
by the sacrifices of those Marines who preceded them. As

Marines leave our active ranks, they carry our timeless

values with them back to their civilian communities, and
our nation is stronger for it. This transformation, as timeless
as the Corps itself, is our legacy to America.

Our Corps' survival depends upon the transformation.
Young Marines enter our Corps today with as much spirit
and enthusiasm as ever in our proud history. They carry
within their hearts the burning embers of zeal and...

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