Sweet Drinks

Sweet Drinks

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Guillermo Quispe
Jeniffer Stefaniak
16 April 2013

Are soft drinks good for Health

Sugary drinks are toxic to health. Many people consume large amounts of soda without knowing the damage they cause to the body. These drinks may satisfy the thirst and tastes good, this should not be reason enough to drink. We must all do our body a favor and stop drinking soda. Sugary drinks have side effects that can harm your body dangerously.
The first condition that produces sugary soft drinks is diabetes. Soft drinks are potentially harmful, especially if consumed by children and the elderly. There have been many studies on the damage caused by soft drinks and the results were alarming. Diabetes is the most common illness caused by the consumption of sugar in drinks, food and more. Each can of soda contain 12 teaspoons of sugar. Regular soda is higher in calories than sugar and diet soda is high in calories than sugar.
The second condition that causes excessive soda are Kidney Stones: Some evidence indicates that sodas are linked to the formation of kidney stones. Drinking two or more diet sodas or normal day could increase the risk of chronic kidney disease. For those trying to lose weight or improve your diet would eliminate sodas or take them only occasionally. For other people, it would be good decrease, especially those who drink more than one soda a day.
The third condition that produces soft drinks is osteoporosis. People who consume soft drinks, especially children and adolescents, instead of milk or other dairy products have a calcium level lower than normal. Low calcium intake contributes to osteoporosis. Many studies suggest due to carbonated drinks is associated with increased number of bone fractures in children and adolescents. Also, phosphoric acid present in these drinks promotes osteoporosis due to decreased calcium levels in the body. This causes the bones, with the passage of time, and weaken descalcifiquen. Excessive consumption...

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