Sweetest Memory

Sweetest Memory

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It have been a years since that day but I’m still remember that day....I don’t know whether it is a sweet memories to all of you but it is a sweet memories to me...camping at Sungai Gading,Perak...
  2010,I had a camping at Gunung Ledang,Muar.As usual,we have to register first.Bus which schedule reach at 2.00 pm arrived at 3.30pm..uhhh it's been like a year to waited for a bus.It's took 1 hour and a half to arrived at Gunung Ledang..After arrived at that place we gathered together and our teachers gave us an instructions about the camping.Our senior will be our facilitators..Students there were divided into several group.Then,everyone built up their camp.It should be 5 person per one camp..However,there were 12 person in my camp.how suppose my friends and I want to slept.Imagine that how position should I slept.Eventually,my several friends and I slept in the chair nearest the camp.It's so cold and many mosquito bite me..uhhh I hate this.

  The next morning,I have to went up to the mountain...uuhhhh.I'm so afraid.That was the first time I went up to the mountain..at 7 pm all of us had to gathered together to heard the instructions about went up to the mountain and the structure of that mountain.Emm,I felt so nervous at that time.There were so much feeling came to me..I felt so nervous,anxious,and last but not least,I felt so afraid to   much went to the mountain that time.Just God know how I felt..at 7.30 pm I began to walked up with my group.My teachers released students group by group.There were so many stair.I have to went up to the mountain through up the stairs..The mountain was so devious.The ground was so slippery.I almost fell.Luckly,my friend hold my hand..uuhhh so afraid.I don't know if I fell surely I can't write this essay.So luckly I am.

   I began to had a head ache..but after several minutes I began to liked went up to the mountain.....it's the fun thing that I ever done..went up to the mountain with my friends had a fun together and...

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