Swot Analysis of Ford Motor

Swot Analysis of Ford Motor

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Ford Motor is one of the leading and world’s best manufacturer in the world. Brand of Ford Automobile comprises of Ford, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Lincoln, Volvo, Mercury & Land Rover. This company nearly manufactures as well as distributes to around 200 companies and thus gains more productivity. Ford motor is operating in around 100 offices in all over the world and thus contributing a lot in order to generate better outcomes. (Banham, Pg 272, 2002)
Ford Motor’s productivity can be easily analyzed with the help of SWOT analysis.
Below mentioned is the SWOT analysis of Ford Motors which tells us how this company works and what are it’s opportunities as well as threats.
• Ford Motors recorded the strongest as well as effective operation performance in 2005
• Ford motors is the second largest automobile manufacturer
• Ford Motors is termed as one of the supportive tool after various attacks
• Ford Motors is one of the best auto manufacturer which are offering credit services
• Ford Europe along with PAG also known as premier automotive group also recorded the strongest revenue in year 2005
• Extensive supply chain is the leading and the best contributor towards the betterment of the company
• Ford motor is termed as the best manufacturer in terms of diversity

• Due to the competition with the Japanese company, Ford Motors suffered a lot and thus went far away from fuel based light trucks
• Due to the product recalls, Ford’s brand image was also harmed and thus the company suffered a lot
• Cash reserves was ruined to around $4.1 Billion
• Ford Motors stock prices suffered greatly to $14.70
• Ford motors suffered lack of diversification
• Ford Motors have a very small share of market which results in a great loss to the company
• Various obligations are termed as the weakness of Ford motors

• Restructuring plan was launched in order to improve the performance of the Ford Motors
• Various products were...

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