Swot Analysis St. Anton Am Arlberg

Swot Analysis St. Anton Am Arlberg

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We will identify our points to work on, based on the following SWOT analysis:


Why people know St. Anton?

1. Top 3 best Ski resorts all over the world
2. First Alpine Ski school in the world
3. Best of the alps Ski resort – Exclusive Ski resort
4. Well known for the social status around the resort.
5. Der weiße rausch


1. More than 280 km of marked runs
2. Enormous Off-piste runs, connections with nearest villages
3. One of the best ski resorts for the Off-piste skiing
4. Greatest cable car in the world: Galzigbahn
5. Sports centre
6. Events centre
7. www.arlberg-well.com
8. Very well connected all over the valley with bus lines.
9. No cars allowed
10. Children safe (Good reclaim for families)
11. Festivals: Film, Snow must go on, Red bull hutten rallye, Spring festival

It is difficult to add some strenghts that the organisation does not know or thought about it.

I will add the wikipedia article: That is the first thing a tourist will look at before going there.

So we have to be careful about what is written there.


We will talk about it on the weaknesses.


1. Overcrowded: That is a point to take on account, as while St. Anton wants to offer the best ski resort for Skiing

2. High prices: On one hand St. Anton has no problem with the high price ticket but we have to consider the possibility that people will stay more at home the following winters, that is why I would recommend to the managers of the resort to start encouraging the tyroleans feel part of it. I am not saying being part of a snow seasonal card but to make the skiing day easier for them, 50% ticket if they live in tyrol, for example.

3. Webpage
In my humble opinion, is very poor. I felt really disappointed with it. We are talking about one of the best ski resorts all over the world!

First of all is old fashioned. St. Anton has become a...

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