Swot Analysis

Swot Analysis

Strength (“S”)

Teleworking can be used to address problems of daily travel. Referencing to 2001 European survey of teleworkers and non-teleworkers the stress levels in their workplace, 41% of the workers felt that travelling is the most annoying aspect of their office job, others followed by office policy and constant interruptions bearing 37% and 33% respectively. Quarter of the workers spend around one and two hours traveling everyday. Due to the traffic delays, workers may late to office few times a week. No surprisingly, over half of the worker requested to work at home because of the freedom obtained. (MORI, 2001)

In 2003, a professor of human resource management at Rutgers University, Douglas Kruse, estimated that nearly 7% of disabled employees currently work 20 hours or over per week from home compared with 4.1% in 1997. This practice depends on technological developments and the success of efforts in the coming days, may increase the employment of the disabled employees by the corporations. (Eve, 2003)

NBC News offered the option of telecommuting for those disabled employees. Ms. Janet Pearce, the producer at NBC News, was suffered with muscular sclerosis. Her illness making her unable to walk, telecommuting becomes an important aid to her.

Another popular huge corporation, New York Life, offers teleworking to all employees. As the director of New York Life believed that teleworking may contributed with a high productivity, especially for those disabled employees.
Establish the unions for the multinational corporations in China are one of the latest developments. As economic growth growing strong and workers began to complain more publicly about their unfair labor practices. Unions have been used by management to coordinate employee activities. Also, union leaders promised to fight for workers. In November 2006, McDonald’s China set up a union branch in Guangzhou.

Americans tend to be more deal-focused, which makes them relatively more...

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