Swot Anaylsis of Coca Cola

Swot Anaylsis of Coca Cola

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• The Coca-Cola Company and brand has been a well-involved part of our society for more than a century. Being around so long while delivering satisfying products is a major strength of the company.
• Coca-Cola has a very noticeable branding with its symbol on T-shirts, hats, and other collectible memorabilia. It is not uncommon for a household to have a Coca-Cola room filled with this memorabilia. The brand is known to 90% of the world. This strength contributes to a large amount of their sales.
• Another very important strength is their unique bottling systems, which allows the company to conduct business on a worldwide level while still being able to maintain a local approach. The bottling companies are locally owned and operated independently so its main source of income is the sale of concentrate to its bottlers.
• The company has a very good advertising strategy. Over the past several years Coca-Cola has presented the world memorable commercials. A major advertising venture is with American Idol. They are actively involved with the most watched show, which allows their name to be spread to millions of viewers every Tuesday and Wednesday night during the season. The company allows fans to design the judges Coca-Cola cups, ask the contestants questions, and it states that America Idol is brought to you by Coca-Cola.
• The company is known for good marketing strategies.
• The changing lifestyles with American family’s works to the company’s advantage in some cases. People tend to eat out more due to fast paced lives and many fast food restaurants serve Coca-Coca as their major drink. Families go out to places such as the movies and or bowling and what is a movie without a Coke.


• The company does not use their brand loyalty to their advantage. They have over 400 different beverages, but consumers do not know that they are made by the Coca-Cola Company. They need to use people’s loyalty to help increase sales on the other...

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