Swot and Pestel

Swot and Pestel

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PESTEL, Porters Five force Model & SWOT -

Ceylon Cold Stores


1. Introduction

2. SWOT Analysis

1. Strength

2. Opportunities

3. Weaknesses

4. Threats

3. PESTEL Analysis

1. Political & Legal

2. Technological

3. Economical

4. Social & Environmental

4. Porters 5 Forces

1. The power of Buyers

2. The power of Suppliers

3. Competitive Rivalry

4. The threat of Substitutes

5. Threat of New Entrant

5. Recommendation

6. Reference

1. Introduction

Ceylon Cold Stores Limited (CCS) is a Sri Lanka-based company which was originally known as The New Colombo Ice Company and was introduced more than 100 years ago. They purchased Colombo Ice Company in 1894 which was producing ice and mineral water those days. It is now mainly recognized as Elephant House .In 1936; CCS introduced latest machinery in their production line to introduce carbonated soft drinks. The principal activities of the Company currently are manufacturing and marketing of beverages and frozen confectionary. The Company operates in two business segments: manufacture and retail trade. Ceylon Cold Stores Limited is now owned by John Keells Holdings.

As for the assignment we would be focusing on the beverage sector of CCS.
Elephant House Soft Drinks manufactures various soft drinks and few of their key products are mentioned below.

Key Products

Elephant Cream Soda
Elephant Ginger Beer
Elephant Necto
Elephant Apple soda
Elephant Soda
Elephant Orange Crush

And the two main soft drinks we are concentrating are Elephant house ginger beer which has been recently named as EGB, and Elephant house Cream Soda.

2. SWOT Analysis


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