SWOT and Strategy Evaluation Paper

SWOT and Strategy Evaluation Paper

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SWOT and Strategy Evaluation Paper
Claudine Lesterson
July14, 2015
Nancy Boston

SWOT Analysis in the Food Industry

This is a SWOT analysis for Nutriles Food Company that has been created by its founders to inform employees of the company’s current status and direction as well as to secure additional funding for growth. Although Nutriles was launched five years ago, the company has experienced greater demand for its products, with research indicating that the target market is increasing day by day. Nutriles also plans to explore opportunities for online sales opportunities. The marketing environment has been very receptive to the firm’s high-quality food products – that are packed in lunchbox. Increased nutrition education reflects the increasing concern of parents concerns of the kind of food to consume while away from home. Over the next ten years, Nutriles can increase its distribution network and win new customers
The Internal Environment
Nutriles marketing objective are
To increase the number of people who make purchase through the internet by 40%.
To become one of the top three customer’s favorites in the food industry by the year 2017.
To ensure convenient and adequate distribution points to bring the products to the end user in proper condition and in a timely manner.
To ensure that the target audience is fully aware of Nutriles by the end of the year 2013 through aggressive promotional activities.
To have Nutriles recognized throughout the world without extra explanations.
The External Environment
The company’s major competitors are soft drink producing companies, fast food places and companies that produce ready cooked packed to be refrigerated foods. These companies, despite having made food easily accessible to people, most of the food products have additives and preservatives that are not nutritional safe....

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