Swot Hersheys

Swot Hersheys

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• Huge Market Share in North America.
• Marketed under more than 50 brand names.
• Derry Church, Pennsylvania, a town that was renamed Hershey in 1906.
• The name “Hershey” became a household word.
• Hershey acquired or purchased many corporations in America.
- Annexure .1. (Hershey Mergers & Acquisitions list)
• Huge man power approx. 13,700 full-time and 2,300 part-time employees.
• Increasing sales 3 to 4 percent annually.

• Hershey operates from a centralized, functional structure with no divisional president.
• Very few multinational distributors.
• They are not able to adopt “Global Channels of Distribution”.
• Less than 10 percent of Hershey’s sales are generated outside the United States.
• Lack of experience of International Market.

• Emergence of International Market.
• Innovation in the product.
• Innovation in low fat and functional candy category.
• They can adopt “Global Channels of Distribution”.

• International Competitors.
• Change in Consumer’s life style towards low fat and healthy food.
• In the year of 1901, the Hershey company sales were only $662,000 and within the span of 10 years the Hershey sales reached $ 5 million in 1911. Thereafter Hershey’s sales increased 4 to 5 percent annually
• Premium chocolate represents a fast-growing and dynamic market in many parts of the world, with global sales having risen by over 18% within the last year, 2009
• The global chocolate market is forecast to reach a value of US$12.9bn by 2011. This represents an increase of more than 85% in value terms compared with present levels, and provides an indication that the market in many parts of the world has only just started to develop towards its potential.

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