Swot: the Singtel Group

Swot: the Singtel Group

SWOT Analysis

The SingTel Group is one of the leading integrated communications service providers in the Asia Pacific region. SingTel's core business operations are located in
Singapore and Australia. The company has business interests in a number of sectors
of the telecommunications market.

Strengths Weakness
Improved company dynamics Risk of increased borrowing costs
Geographical spread of operations C2C
Double-digit revenue growth Debts
SingPost International Telephone revenues

Opportunity Threats
Australian market Strong competition
International expansion Interest and foreign currency exchange rates
3G Macroeconomic conditions


Most of SingTel's strategic, operational and financial dynamics are currently
improving. This improvement is an indication that the company's current business
strategies are proving to be successful.

SingTel has a diverse spread of geographical operations. The company's main
business activities are concentrated in Singapore and Australia with other interests in
associated companies located in a number of other countries such as India, Belgium,
Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia. The spread of
geographical operations will benefit the company, as it will become less reliant on its
domestic market to generate revenues for the whole company. SingTel's presence in
other markets will also shield it from any potential adverse localized market

A number of SingTel's operating segments have experienced double-digit revenue
growth over the past year. The company's Mobile Communications, National Telephone, IT & Engineering and Equipment Sales operating segments all generated double-digit revenue growth over the past year, although it remains to be seen whether or not such increases in revenue growth can prove to be sustainable in the future.

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