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Job Description and Recruiting Strategies Worksheet

Conduct an interview with someone who has a career or position that is different from your own. Identify the duties associated with his or her position, as well as any skills and abilities necessary for the position. Use the information gathered in the interview, as well as the Week 3 readings, to complete the following worksheet. Answer each question in paragraph format.

1. What are the duties and job responsibilities associated with the position held by the individual you interviewed?
Making sure tha´╗┐t all computer system are online and ready to use by all within the company and have access to all files within the share drive

All CPU systems have up to date virus defense systems in place

All multimedia works in all the conference rooms and are online

2. What are the types of knowledge, skills, and abilities that are needed to successfully accomplish the job responsibilities?
Cisco Certified

Able to network and bridge computers

Able to handle a net of 20 or more computers on one network

3. What additional factors do you think should be included in the job description, such as physical tasks, mental acuity, etc.?
Able to meet deadlines and be on call when anything goes wrong with a computer or network issue

Able to work at a fast pace and get results

4. What are the essential functions of the position?

In charge of all networking of all online service so production is not halted by a technical issue.
JOB Description
Compose a 350- to 500-word job description based on the data acquired in your interview. Make sure that the essential functions of the position are identified in the description.

The position is that of a Network Engineer one who is able to make sure all computers stay online

24/7 year round. Insuring that all conference rooms are AV ready and...

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