4.1 Company Main Products
Hybrid Hot Water System
Dc – Storage Water Heater
Eco – Instant Water Heater

4.2 Repair Unit
The Repair Unit extends its services comprise the following workforce:-

4.3 Proses manufacturing of product

Hybrid Hot Water :-
Welding cooper rod properly to prevent leakage
Install P3, cooper, nut, and so on in the body
Wiring the all component properly
Check cooper that was installed with soapy water to see if there was a leak or not
Check completed, install the nut, turn body cap, install the wheel
Send to Qc section for testing the product

Dc - Storage Water Heater :-
Provide goods before installing such items p3, p3 pocket, sensor pocket, thermo cut, p3 locker, nut m8, silicon, and so on
Testing the sensor pocket and p3 pocket for check the leaking
Tap on each side with a carbon to facilitate the installation process components
Install p3 pocket, sensor pocket, and p3, Then, install thermo cut and nut m8
Tighten all the nuts are installed properly to prevent leakage
Stick the red silicon on P3 pocket and sensor pocket to cover the holes for the control of movement as the product works
Completed the installation process, the product should be do double check to make sure items are installed properly and are not a mistake
Complete checking, the product will be sending to QC section for perform testing
After the completion of testing, the product can be packaged and can be stored or released directly for sale

Eco – Instant Water Heater :-
Making proses casing :-
PVC board will be cut in order to create instant water heater casing
Base board and pvc board last cut will be leveled using a grinder machine
To make the casing, pvc board will be formed into shapes above box
Installation only use super glue
Super glue should be applied properly to prevent the casing dislodged
Dry the glue that was applied earlier
Then, the casing will be spray with black color...