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Albertus Magnus College
New Haven, CT. 06511

Senior Business Policy Seminar

BE 391

Mod 1, 2013

Dr. Clara Munson M 5:30-7:30; W online

A.H. 213 (203) 773-8537
Office hours: M 2:25-3:25
Or by appointment


• The text for the class consists of a packet of cases which students are required to purchase. The estimated price of the packet is $25.00.

Recommended Reading:
Bradford, Duncan & Tracy. Simplified Strategic Planning – A No Nonsense Guide.
Ghemawat, Pankaj. Strategy and the Business Landscape.
Tradition of Honor: As a member of the Albertus Magnus College Community, each student taking this course agrees to uphold the principles of honor set forth by this community, to defend these principles against abuse or misuse and to abide by the regulations of the College. To this end, every student must write and sign the following statement at the end of each examination/paper: “I declare the Honor Pledge.”

Special Needs and Accommodations: Please advise the instructor of any special problems or needs at the beginning of the semester or mod. Those students seeking accommodation based on disabilities should provide a Faculty Contact Sheet obtained through the Academic Development Center in Aquinas Hall, (203) 773-8590.

In this course you will have the opportunity to integrate the knowledge gained from all other business courses and to apply it to actual organizational events. By using the case approach, you will be learning by doing. Selected cases provide detailed information about conditions in various companies. Your task will be to analyze the particular situation for the company under study and formulate appropriate strategic decisions for the future direction of the organization.


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