College of Natural Sciences
SCI/230 Version 7
Introduction to Life Science
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Course Description

This course applies a broad, conceptual understanding of biology. Students are introduced to scientific ideologies and concepts that not only shape our biological world, but also shape us as humans. Students examine the scientific method, evolution and biodiversity, the biology of cells, energy systems, the dynamics of inheritance, and the effect humans have on the environment. The text emphasizes methods and the theoretical foundations of ideas, while minimizing isolated facts. It stresses the integration of ideas, making connections that form our understanding of the living world.


Faculty and students/learners will be held responsible for understanding and adhering to all policies contained within the following two documents:

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Instructor policies: This document is posted in the Course Materials forum.

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All papers are to be submitted as Microsoft Word documents unless otherwise noted in the assignment instructions. Papers need to follow APA guidelines. Written papers need to have an introduction and conclusion paragraphs.


Students must contribute a total of six substantive discussion messages over at least three days each week in the main forum. Grade during discussion weeks will consist of your response to each discussion question and participation within the threads. Responding to the discussion prompts will count towards the six...

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