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GRST-500 SYLLABUS fall 2014

Introduction to Graduate Writing

Mr. Kerry A. Hogan
Office: Green Hall 2756
Phone: 434-592-5585

I. Course Description
This course provides students with an introduction to graduate-level writing. Student will practice the primary forms of writing expected of graduate students and will receive feedback on their writing.

II. Rationale
As Christian scholars, we bear a particular obligation to research, read, and write well so that the ideas and interpretations we advance will bring credit to our faith and to God. To assist in this goal, GRST 500 students will receive personal care concerning their writing.

III. Prerequisite Statement

IV. Materials List
Required Textbook: Introduction to Graduate Writing
(Posted under “Course Content” on Blackboard)

Recommended Resource: Style manual of your discipline (AMA, APA, MLA, Turabian)

V. Learning Outcomes
1. The student will demonstrate basic writing skills by:
Choosing, restricting, organizing, and supporting a writing topic and/or thesis
Writing to a specific audience, using correct and appropriate word choices
Writing for a clear purpose
Writing in the selected discipline’s overall style, as evidenced in professional journals
Writing sentences that are clear, concise, and technically correct
Revising and editing through more than one draft.
2. The student will demonstrate higher level writing skills using logic (induction and deduction) in analysis and argumentation.
3. The student will demonstrate proper research skills and documentation specific to his or her discipline by:
Integrating sources accurately and effectively
Using discipline-specific documentation (AMA, APA, MLA, Turabian)
4. The student will be able to write with clarity by:
Using syntax, terminology, and technical...

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