RUNNING HEAD: Synergy and Balance Marketing Plan

Synergy and Balance Marketing Plan
Team #1:
Dan Kennington
Susan Jennings
Samuel Kreitz
Jana Cummings
Marketing Principles
Thursday, October 11, 2008

Executive Summary
This business concept appeals to those seeking an improved quality of life. Those who are able to spend discretionary income to do so currently do not have access to a facility that offers a complement of services providing a complete range of methods to create inner and outer synergy and harmony. Our core competency is to provide a single location to contribute to the harmonious development of physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our clients.
Our Mission Statement
Our vision is to offer quality of life enhancement through mind, body and spirit balance.
Table of Contents
I. Executive Summary
II. Situation Analysis
III. Marketing Strategy
Target Market Analysis
Product Specifics
Promotional Methods
Distribution Channels
IV. Financial Projections
V. Implementation Controls
Situation Analysis - Synergy and Balance
• Purpose - Contribute to development of physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our clients
• Mission Statement – Offer Quality of Life Enhancement
• Target Market – Mature females seeking elite approach to Life Balance
• Very limited direct competition offering comprehensive program
• Superior quality services and products
• Variety of marketing strategies
• Flexible pricing methods

Target Market Analysis
Target market 1: The higher income echelon within the community and surrounding areas –. This elite spa’s appeal, through the various “special spa package programs” will also appeal to the median income clientele within the region. For example: Those who are blessed to have financial stability in their lives...

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