System Analysis

System Analysis

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Strategic Plan

Action Steps

OBJECTIVE 1 Public Awareness and Recognition
Present a positive image of Maysville Community College and Rowan Technical College as a consolidated institution.

OBJECTIVE 1 will contribute to the college’s ability to achieve the following KCTCS goal(s) and priority(s):

Goal Unified System of Colleges and Public Recognition
KCTCS will be a unified system of comprehensive community and technical colleges, recognized as a state and national leader in postsecondary education.

Priorities a. Provide seamless educational opportunities for students through single accreditation (SACS) for all colleges.
b. Showcase KCTCS through the achievements of its colleges.
c. Enhance commitment to a shared vision of comprehensive community and technical colleges.

Work will begin: Work will be achieved by: December 31, 2005

Key Indicators of Progress for OBJECTIVE 1:

Enrollment Growth

Community Outreach

Faculty and Staff Satisfaction

Major Action Steps to Achieve OBJECTVE 1:
1. Enhance the image and awareness of the consolidated institution and KCTCS in target markets.

2. Achieve single accreditation.

3. Establish a shared vision for the consolidated district.

4. Implement an efficient and effective consolidated organization structure.

5. Provide Public Relations and Marketing functions with adequate financial and human resources to successfully accomplish tasks such as:
a. Development of promotional and informational materials for all academic areas and departments;

b. Maintenance of public relations archives of photographs, publications, and new releases;

c. Development of a communications network across the campuses that encourages the timely release of information about college programs and activities;

d. Design and editing of college publications such as newsletters, annual report, brochures,...

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