System of Inquiry Paper

System of Inquiry Paper

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System of Inquiry Paper
PHL 323
University of Phoenix

System of Inquiry Paper
The United States has been increasingly concerned with the ethical changes or lack there of that seem to be plaguing our business corporations and work environment more and more. The question of the use ethics in business and in our personal lives seems to be a question that is being asked more and more. With the major rise in poor
business decisions that have been made to where the upper management and CEOs of major corporations have been indicted and imprisoned do to unethical behavioral practices. Is there a lack of ethics and values in businesses any more, or are we
just focused on getting ahead personally and we have the “do whatever it takes” mentality where we stomp on anyone and everyone who gets in our way attitude? Do businesses and corporations have a code of ethics any more, and, if so, what are they? This paper will highlight and explain some of the variables and complexities of acting ethically within a system that has strict guidelines and structure. I’d like to get you to thinking on three different levels: (1) the ethical bases or fundamental theories that pressure us (2) to shed light on the sensitive areas where ethical issues abound; and (3) to validate and reaffirm some of the basic principles that help guide us in life.

The United States military is an institution as well as a huge business corporation. Many do not see the military as a business because they do not wish to believe that it is nothing more than a tool which is in place to provide a service which consists of protecting our borders as well as our interests foreign and domestically, and helping out in the time of natural disasters. The general public usually would not think that in the time of peace, the U.S military is conducting business and operating very much like any other corporation with the one exception…the military is not in business to make a profit. Other than that...

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