System Ore Processing Plant Is the Main Equipment

System Ore Processing Plant Is the Main Equipment

System ore processing plant is the main equipment of powder production line mechanism, circular vibrating screen feeder system horizontal impact crusher 100th is one of the most important equipment, its raw material is mainly composed of stone fragmentation and become, in the production process will be inevitably into broken material magazines, resulting in stone stone horizontal impact crusher 100th output has a length of more than 0.

Contains some mud powder 075mm particles, and mud powder will hinder the normal hydration of stone or stone components in chemical reaction, these negative effects can lead to stone strength reduction, shrinkage increases and the durability of stone decline. Feeder of circular vibrating screen production efficiency determines the horizontal impact crusher 100th production efficiency.

According to the related national standard GB/T14684--2001 (building stone mechanism stone 'provisions by methylene blue method for detecting mechanism of stone clay powder content, requirements of horizontal impact crusher 100th output mechanism of stone MB values less than 1. 4, it should strictly control the clay powder content in machine-made stone size.

The actual production process in the mechanism of stone in stone measures, mainly through the circular horizontal impact crusher 100th bottom plate type feeder strip mesh structure to effectively remove part of stone soil, to reduce the content of clay powder in machine-made sand. With the change of tunnel surrounding stone mass grade, stone production in rocks also changes, analysis and comparison results show that by adjusting mechanism of before and after stone bar screen MB value, with the width of bar screen becomes large, stone to reduce MB value, in the Hongxing frequency vibration feeder.

peripheral driving thickener:

ore processing plant:

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