Systems Devlepment

Systems Devlepment

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CheckPoint: Systems Development Life Cycle

Resource: Section 11.2 in Information Systems Technology.
List and describe each of the seven phases of the systems development life cycle. Make sure that your descriptions make connections between the different phases- how one leads to another, the importance of each, etc.
(Post a 200 – 300 word response)

Planning, systems analysis, systems design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance.

Planning determines our financial feasibility, time frame and the need for change to an existing system, the type of the equipment needed to solve issues and if the technology is readily available or needs to be custom built. The level of employee training to use the equipment is also determined.

Systems analysis is used in gathered information from planning stage for a deeper understanding of the business, by observing, reviewing documents and interviewing employees, the systems analysis creates diagrams, called data flows, the data flows provides visual representation of how data flows through the business. Data flows provide information for the programming team.

Systems design uses the data flow from the previous step to document the specifications needed. The system design is broken down into groups: logical design and physical design which demonstrates what the system should be able to do. The physical design shows components needed to create the system. Once the designers and customer accept the design it is locked so that nothing can be changed, this is impotent because it protects the client from extra charges.

Development uses the design from the last step to build the system, this includes hardware, software and programing. Development ensures the system meets specifications from Systems design.

Testing determines how the system will be tested and tests both hardware and software to ensure it functions to specifications.

Implementation is done once testing is successful, this may...

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