Tafe Assessment

Tafe Assessment

Work With Others




Identify two policies or procedures that are in place to help staff/students work effectively as a team (e.g. dealing with a grievance/bullying/harassment).

Anti-Bullying Policy:
Marrickville West Primary School and community agree that bullying, in any form (verbal, physical, social or psychological) is unacceptable and violates the schools code. Marrickville West Primary School practises adhere to the policies of the Department of Education and Training, specifically, the Anti-Bullying plan for schools.

Students, staff and visitors have the right to expect that they will spend the school day free from bullying, harassment and intimidation. When at school, we all have the right to:
Feel respected
Learn in a positive environment
& also feel safe

In order to preserve these rights for Marrickville West Primary and others, Marrickville West Primary have the responsibility to follow the School Rules such as:
Respect yourself and others
Always do your best
Play safely

Students have the responsibility to:
Behave appropriately, respecting individual differences and diversity
Follow the school Anti-Bullying Plan
Respond to incidents of bullying according to their school Anti-Bullying Plan

Discipline Policy:
Marrickville West Public School views Student Welfare, Good Discipline and Effective Learning as an active relationship between all members of the school community.

At Marrickville West Public School the principles of Restorative Practice are being integrated into day to day school practice.

There are four different key elements to this practice:
Responding effectively to behaviours that harm the development of positive relationships
Working with another
The importance of a fair process
Using key restorative (Socratic) questions.

Apart of Marrickville West Public School they have three different rules...

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