Take My Heart Back

Take My Heart Back

Take My Heart Back Script

Scene 1 - Room - Morning

Enter Ian and Sam
Curtain and lights close
Flashlight open
Silhouette style
Play Romeo & Juliet waltz song
Dance showing Sam’s love for Ian
End in Sam hugs Ian

Sam: I'm really going to miss you.

Ian: Sam, it's just couple of weeks.

Continue to dance with love
Music stop

Ian: I have to go.

Sam: Ian....

Lights open
Flashlight close

Scene 2 - Street - Morning

Curtain open
Enter Nephi as street performer
Ian memorizing his presentation
Sam at his back

Ian: One day accessing one's genetic make-up will be as easy as running a credit check. That knowledge gives us the power to alter our destiny.

Sam: Alter destiny? You believe that?

Ian: Yeah, of course I do. I'm telling you, in the next fifty years...

Sam: People are still going to die. That stuff's out of your control. The only things you can control are your own choices.

Coleen hit Sam then her things fell

Ian: Hey watch it!

Coleen: Sorry excuse me.

Ian: In case we don't talk later, dinner tonight. Tantra, seven o'clock.

Sam: Tonight, seven o'clock? You're kidding, right?

Ian: Kidding? Not that I'm aware of.

Sam: My graduation.

Ian: Yeah. Your concert. I didn't forget that. That's...

Sam: Tonight. Seven o'clock.

Ian: I'm so sorry, Sam. I can't believe I did that.

Sam: Good luck. In your meeting. Not that you need it. You'll be great.

Ian: Okay. I'll see you tonight.

Nephi still performing
Ian continue rehearsing

Ian: Gentlemen, we at AGS are not only at the forefront of biotech... not the forefront, the vanguard!

His watch fell and cracked
Nephi got distracted
They shout together

Ian: Oh my watch!

Nephi: Oh my gosh!

Ian will look at him
Nephi come closer to him

Nephi: Time. No matter how busy you are, you must take time to make the other person feel important.

Ian seems confused
He gets his watch then look around Nephi already...

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