Taking Advantage of Educational Opportunities

Taking Advantage of Educational Opportunities

Prompt 1: How have you taken advantage of the educational opportunities you have had to prepare for college?

I have not taken advantage of hardly any of the educational opportunities I have had to prepare for college so it’s hard to write about how I have taken advantage of them. I have had a lot with the avid program and stuff but I don’t use them to my advantage I feel that I am very narrow minded and just think about having fun now and doing the high school social life having fun when I should really be concentrating on getting into college and shaping my future. I think that’s my biggest problem and what I need to change I probably wont end up going to college because I am very low on my A-G requirements. Some of the educational opportunities to help prepare for college I know about are the field trips avid takes to college to help you learn about your dream school and help you get as much information on it as possible and help you make the decision if its still a school you would consider going to. Also the career center helps you a lot with giving you as much information as possible on the career path you want to take and sometimes college counselors go there and you can talk about the school there from with them.

Dear, me

Problems that I have now that I hope I don’t have my senior year is my lazyness I hope I can over come it and actually start getting work done and not messing around. Also, not to fall into peer pressure as easy. Habits that I hope have changed are choosing to do anything over homework. Also coming late to class I will start coming on time to all my classes on time because there is really no point on coming late and no excuse because you have a whole seven minutes to get to class. My main goal that I hope I have accomplish by my senior year is just to overcome laziness and just get my work done. I will definitely change the stupid choices I make in life by my senior year and not get into trouble because I am realizing...

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