Tales of Three Kingdoom

Tales of Three Kingdoom

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I will write about my favorite film, it is the Tales of Three Kingdoms. The film attracted my attention from the first time I saw it. That film is based on historical events. Moreover, we can see a wide political background with heroes, wise advisors and beauties of ancient China.

The film’s content is about the war between three kingdoms, they are : Wei, Wu, Shu and the process to take form three Kingdoms. That is a long and great story. There are numerous characters, but each one has his own micro. Especially, if someone talks about the Tales of three Kingdoms, you can’t help thinking about Zhuge Liang_ who has a lot of strategies to establish the Shu. Zhuge Liang is the most famous masterminds of China. In that film, he is really young but is not problem, because he has a good strategic vision with good leadership.

Zhuge Liang always appears with a feather fan and clothed in elegant white. He and his shoguns have fierce battles, such as : Red Cliffs, Tan Da, etc. After those flights, the Shu gets stronger and stronger. Moreover, King of Shu is very kind, he always gives its mind to improving the people's living conditions.

Someone said that : Only has Zhuge Liang, we will have the world. That’s right. although, in the end of the film, he died, it is so sad ending. Of course, the rule of history, the Shu can’t exist forever. In my opinion, I don’t really like the ending, but I still like the film. It taught me how to get back to my feet when I get in trouble and the way to be a kind man, a “macho” of the life. That is a must-see movie and everyone will see a different of the film. You cannot miss it.

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