Tales of Vesperia Artes Guide by Brad Wayne

Tales of Vesperia Artes Guide by Brad Wayne

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Tales of Vesperia: Arte Guide by Yeblos
Version 1.3, Last Updated 2008-10-07 View/Download Original File Hosted by GameFAQs
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FAQ: Artes Guide written by Yeblos (Brad Wayne)
Contact: yeblos (at) yahoo (dot) com

Table of Contents
1.) The Basics
1.1) Normal Artes
1.2) Altered Artes
1.3) Burst Artes and Mystic Artes
1.4) Fatal Strikes
1.5) Frequently Asked Questions

2.) Characters
2.1) Yuri
2.2) Estelle
2.3) Repede
2.4) Karol
2.5) Rita
2.6) Raven
2.7) Judith

3.) Quick Lists
3.1) How Artes Improve and Other Secrets
3.2) Altered Artes Weapons

4.) Legal

5.) Credits

Version history:
1.3 (10/7/08) - Corrected the learning requirements for one of Judy's artes,
and some smaller things. Moved the version history down here.
1.2 (10/2/08) - Revised section 1, did some minor corrections and additions.
1.0 (9/26/08) - First version.

--------------------------- 1.) The Basics -----------------------------
Once you learn an arte, it can be set in the Artes menu. You can make 4
primary artes assignments that use the Left Stick + Artes button, and you can
also scroll down past those to find 4 more shortcuts that can be triggered by
flicking the Right Stick.

Unlike the primary assignments, the RS shortcuts can be set to an arte from any
character in your party by using the Left/Right Triggers. You could use them
to have access to 8 artes for the character you're controlling, or you could
use them to order another character to use an arte that could help extend a
combo, or use a support spell that you don't want the AI to cast on its own.

Artes are...

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