Taming of the Shrew. Love and Marriage

Taming of the Shrew. Love and Marriage

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Love and Marriage
Love, marriage, and dating have come a long way over five centuries. In the play Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare, these three things are all present. There are tons of qualities that have changed about getting married or not. Back in the day marriages would be arranged and not by choice. Dating from now and then are completely different, but at some points similar. Social status, love and money play a huge role in who marries whom and who is going to get married. William Shakespeare shows how marriage is different from then and now, and how dating has also changed during the centuries.

Katherine was married to Petruchio under her own will (Shakespeare). Centuries ago marriages were arranged whether the two people getting married wanted to or not. This happens usually due to social status or money. For example, Katherine and her family are wealthy which is one of the reasons that Petruchio wants to marry her (Shakespeare). Her social standings are kind of contradicting. Petruchio wants her, however she wasn’t the nice one; nor the daughter that everyone wanted. These years love is something most people cherish and is the main reason to get married. Two great examples of arranged marriages and are just like Lucentio and Bianca were only together for a short time and they decided it was enough time (Shakespeare). The other example is Katherine and Petruchio’s marriage (Shakespeare).

Dating is another huge thing that has changed. As stated previously, arranged marriages took place, because of this there is not time to date. People are just thrown into marriage possibly not even knowing their spouses true interests, just like Katherine was (Shakespeare). These days it is usually frowned upon if you get married shortly after you’re dating someone as Lucentio and Bianca found out (Shakespeare). Even after a year, some people think it is too early. That’s where previous dating styles have changed, but mainly stayed the same. You are...

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