Target Market Size

Target Market Size

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Our target segment is the working population since this is a large and regular customer base that will ensure our business stability. As such, our primary target areas include the Central Business District (CBD), the Jurong Industrial Estate, and the East Region.
The Singapore Central Business District (CBD) is made up of Chinatown, Orchard Road, Singapore River, Raffles Place and Riverside. Most of the financial businesses are headquartered in this area. CBD is the main business area for departmental stores, large offices, pubs, clubs, restaurants and cinemas. In order to be able to better estimate our target market size, we identified the major industries in Singapore according the business zones. The following pie-chart shows a general idea of the types of industries located in CBD.

Jurong Industrial Estate
Jurong West is made up of 9 sub-zones such as Bulim, Boon Lay, Hong Kah, Taman Jurong, Chin Bee, Kian Teck, SAFTI and Yunnan. Apart from the residential areas, Jurong has one of the largest industrial estates with many factories located in Boon Lay.

East Region
The east region of Singapore includes Tampines Regional Centre, Changi Business Park, the industrial estates at Paya Lebar, Loyang and Changi.

The total employment population according to the industries mentioned is as follows.

Table 1: Employment Population by Industry
As the total working population has surpassed 2,730,800 in the year 2008, our target market population will at least make up to two-third of this total figure if not all.

As our company’s nature is to deliver food from the restaurants to the customers, our suppliers will mainly be the restaurants and food places that our company liaised with. To embrace diversity for customer satisfaction, we will liaise with 12 restaurants and 12 famous hawker stalls. Our suppliers will be able to provide different categories and taste of food such as Chinese cuisine, Indian food, Korean...

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