Tasers Use

Tasers Use

There are many people living in America who don’t have any ideas about the work of police and why they do all the different things that they do. The job of police is a large scope and is full of high complexity. In this essay, I plan to discuss some of the duties that police officers do base on my observation riding alongside with the Atlanta Police Department to give some of you some insight on policing work, why I think it is a good job to have and why this job is such an important part of our society.

First of all, Atlanta is a big city with over a million people. So you can imagine the demand and the complexity this job demands with just about one thousand officers working which is well under the national police to citizen ration of 2.5 per 1000
I was assigned to work with Officer York who has been with the Atlanta police for over two years and for what I can see, he is regarded as one the best in the business.

One of the things that I wanted to do is to apply what I learned in class to see if it is true. So one of the first question that I asked officer York is if he believe that if they increase the level of police in the city if he thinks that the crime rate would decrease? He was quick to ansewer “no”. I asked him why this statistic hold true and he reply that crime is always going to be there as long as sin is continueing to exist.

After the Madrid and London train-bombings, perceptions of the sources of Islamic terrorism changed. The British response to domestic jihadism was to apply community-policing principles to counter-terrorism enforcement. This essay describes the origins and intentions of the community-based policing of terrorism and partnership programmes with Muslim faith organisations. Collaboration with Muslim partners has helped to build confidence within government agencies that Muslim leaders are keen to curb terrorism, but has failed to build trust among the general Muslim public. The application of community-policing...

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