Task 1

Task 1

Unhappy students make language learning impossible, however, that's only one of the road blocks we must over come in our quest to learn language. Language learning is no easy task and because of this it can often feel like a daunting one. There is hope, if we can identify the block that prevent us from grasping a new language we can better hope to learn that language. Some of the block of language learning that I have identified are as follows.

If students don’t have a good relationship with their language teacher they may find learning all that more difficult. Reason being is that they could be scared to ask questions or to shy to join in class discussions. This only prevents someone from learning and in many cases learning effectively.

Teachers who stand at the front of the class and lecture only serve to loose the classes attention. This is yet another block on the road to language learning. At the same time however, you want to keep the activities interesting and not remain too long on one task. Because again you are creating the same block that the teacher who lectures all class is causing. Correcting every mistake is a mistake, you don't want your students to get lost in a haze of red and become lost and unmotivated to learn.

Some of the problems I myself have had with language learning is that I find the environments too sterile. When I was learning Spanish or rather attempting to learn Spanish I didn't study my vocabulary like I was told to by the teacher. Thus, I was always lost in class and after a few days of not studying the vocab I felt too lost in the class to even try. Some other issues that I have studied in linguistics classes are in relation to how language is presented in the classroom. From the studies I have read if a Foreign language teacher switches back to the native language often it causes students and especially young students to treat the language that is being learned as a play language or as something not to take seriously....

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