task sheet

task sheet

1 Task sheet 4 – seminar

1. How does the industrial revolution begin?
The industrial revolution first started in Great Britain though it did spread to countries like the United States. It begins with a factory that opens in the middle of Derby.
Agricultural meant that more jobs were needed as well as the increasing technology and the money that is being put into the industry.
Rapid development having occurred in Britain in late 18th and 19th century. It was characterised by use of steam power and machinery. There was more transport this allowed people to take their goods up and down the country. A bigger market which would cause a higher profit margin, less food waste and meant there was less being thrown away.
The industrial revolution is the meeting points of all these mini revolutions before, this can be seen that the industrial revolution is the product of the agricultural, technological and consumer revolutions.
The change from poleraitism to this view is you work for a day and I will pay you for the day.
John loans went over to Italy working in a silk factory as a worker but actually at night copying over the machinery and bringing it back to England. This is the industrial espionage that allows this to come over to the UK.
The trade of ships and the expansion of the naval base, this includes protecting people belongings.
The growth of the cities there is no place to keep the pig, the goat and all of the things they would have had agriculture so instead they would have to buy there bread from the baker so that they would cut out the steps of buying the grain and bringing it to the baker.
The free market that people could raise money themselves to start their own business they did not have to have this approval from the government that you used to have.

2. Why and when does it begin?

The industrial revolution begins In Britain in the late 18th century. It began in order to raise people’s...

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