7 .02.2009
Posted: Exclusive Idea for Research Papers on Tattoos
These days, tattoo is just a sort of fashionable attribute, something that just attracts people’s attention. However, in different times, nations, and areas of life, tattoos meant a lot.

By the way, did you know that scientists found some signs on the skin of a mummified human body, which dates from more than 3000 BC? These signs are regarded to be tattoos, and it means that people “marked” themselves thousands years ago.

These ancient practices are what we suggest you investigate in your research paper on tattoos. Here are several other interesting facts for you to introduce in the research paper on tattoos.

Date: October, 1991

Place: mountains, somewhere between Austria and Italy

Event: a body of a frozen man who is considered to be 5000 years old was found. .

How can this fact be helpful for your research paper on tattoos? The thing is that several tattoos were found on the skin on that iceman: 6 straight lines above the kidneys, a cross near the knee, and parallel lines on the ankle. So, find out more about that case and tell about it in your research paper on tattoos.

Date: period after World War II

Place: Altai Mountains, Southern Siberia

Event: several Scythians graves were found

As you can guess, Scythians’ bodies had tattoos that you may describe in your research paper on tattoos. In fact, these are considered to be the oldest picture tattoos depicting animals. Learn more about the peculiarities of Scythian tattoos and present them in the research paper on tattoos.

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