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Tauheed means to believe in the oneness of Allah. He is one and only. He is unique in all perspectives.


Allah is unique in his personality and attributes. No one is comparable to Him. He has no father and no son. One should believe purely in the uniqueness of Allah and His personality. We must never compare Allah with anyone or anything. Nobody can ever be compared with Allah because He has no issues. He is the only creator of this universe. He knows everything.

The qualities of Allah are unlimited. Our lives would end in defining the qualities of Allah but His qualities won’t stop. Allah is all powerful. He is the owner and creator of this universe and everything else that we don’t even know. He is the most merciful, the most beneficent, and the most benevolent. He is the one who forgives. He is the Master of everything. He is the judge of the Day of Judgment. He takes care of every living thing even the smallest insects that live inside stones. He provides food for them. He is the one who is responsible for providing food to every creature he creates. He has no beginning and no end. He has no father and no son. Everyone should truly believe in His qualities. Nobody can deny the qualities He possesses. He is not comparable to anyone. No one is like Him. He is the controller of the whole universe and everything inside it. His knowledge is beyond our understanding abilities and limits. We cannot even imagine His knowledge. He is very unique in His qualities. Nobody should compare anyone or anything with Him. He will forgive every sin but ‘Shirk’. Allah is one and only. His qualities are original and unlimited.

The rights of Allah are only for Him. The first one is that only He should be worshiped. He is the creator and the nourisher of this universe. We cannot worship anyone or anything which itself is created by Allah. Only Allah...