Pioneer Status


Status that are being granted to companies in participating in promoted activities or producing promoted products an initial period of five years commencing from the production day.
However the 5 year period can be extended for another 5 year if:
• The pioneer company incurred capital expenditure of RM25 mil
• The company have employed 500 full time Malaysian employees by the end of the tax relief period or
• The pioneer company will promote or enhance the economic and technological development of Malaysia.

| Term |Explanation |
|Promoted activities and promoted products |Manufacturing |
| |Agriculture |
| |Tourism |
| |Hotel |
| |Research and Development |
| |Technical or vocational training. |
|Promoted Areas |Eastern corridor of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak and the Federal Territory|
| |of Labuan (hotel and tourism only) |
| |Wef 2.9.2006, Perlis has been included as a promoted area |

Benefits of Pioneer Status

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