Taylor's Idea of a Good Boss

Taylor's Idea of a Good Boss

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What Makes a Boss Good or Bad.

I am currently employed by two companies. One of these companies happens to be a very large multi million dollar organization known as Boone Hospital Center, a branch of the BJC hospitals and clinics. The second of these companies is a small self owned business created by the family of one of my best friends. This business is Grindstone liquor, a local liquor store that is conveniently surrounded by college living complexes and condominiums, which offers both competitive prices and a friendly atmosphere. Grindstone liquor is a small business owned and operated by Anup, he is the boss and a friend to all his employees. Being a good boss is important in any organization, but it's particularly important for small business. With smaller businesses, you really have the opportunity to set the tone for the entire company. Bearing in mind the importance of good leadership to business, there are many skills, strategies and attributes to grasp.

In a large company you as an employee rarely if ever see the top dog boss. You have to report and listen to his or her subordinates, and most subordinates have either a big head, loud mouth or they could be the one in many thats cooperative and helpful. At Boone the “boss” that I report to his one of those subordinates with a big head and a non understanding personality. Some may say she gained her position by knowing the right person and being a brown noser, not by being a leader. In this case I won't give a name but we will call her Jane. Jane is the head of a very important division of Boone Hospital Center, one that has seen many losses because of her. Jane in many ways acts on her behalf not on the behalf of the organization. She is a bad leader because to me and to others shes portrays the opposite behavior and attitude as that of Anup.

One of the most important skills is being well rounded, and inclusive. With any business, it's essential that everyone feels like an...

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