Thesis Statement:
The purpose of this writing is to argue in favor of the extraterrestrial colonization of Mars by outlining and suggesting factual solutions for logistical, environmental and ethical obstacles Mars One and its colonists must overcome to build a stable and self-sufficient Martian settlement.

Main Points:
1.ethical concerns
2. environmental concerns
3. logistic concerns

Cited data, work and information:

Quote 1:
“Before they leave the Earth’s atmosphere to travel to Mars, each astronaut will be put through the required eight years of training. They will be isolated from the world for a few months every two years in groups of four in simulation facilities, to learn how they respond to living in close quarters while isolated from all humans except for the three crew members. In addition to the expertise and work experience they must already possess, they have to learn quite a few new skills: physical and electrical repairs to the settlement structures, cultivating crops in confined spaces, and addressing both routine and serious medical issues such as dental upkeep, muscle tears and bone fractures.” (Groen, 2014)

A: This particular quote spells out the training schedule for the Astronauts. This is relevant as the reader should know what kind of preparation if any a successful Mars One applicant could expect. It also explains what steps are being taken to prepare the astronauts for the extended isolation they will face on the trip, and for the remainders of their lives on Mars. The quote being used also touches on the fact they will be responsible for growing their own foods , mending buildings and equipment and even having to take care of any injuries sustained. It does a good job of summarizing the fact the Mars One astronaut will need to be a very well rounded and competent individual.

B: This page was found on the Mars One website. I consider this article credible as it’s directly from the company planning the...