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Guidelines: Mobile Search Engine Battle
Last Updated: 7/9/2015

Accessing the tool

The task performs best on a PC with a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 (preferably higher).
Please close all browser tabs and windows.
Open Internet Explorer (minimum version required is IE 11).
Log in to: UHRS Prod WebEntry, click the “Marketplace” tab, and locate “Mobile Search Battle” from the
list. You have several options:
a. Preview: get a feeling for how Mobile Search Battle works before you get started
b. Qualification: take the Qualification to qualify for judging (you have 3 attempts)
c. Start Judging: once you pass the Qualification, select this to begin judging!
5) Once the task opens, you’ll be presented with a page containing a query, a six-point rating scale, and
two side-by-side mobile search results pages.
6) Ensure that you can view the entire width of both pages and scroll all the way to the bottom while
assessing the results.
7) Improve readability on your monitor by zooming. To zoom:
a. Hold “Ctrl” and use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in or out
b. Or hold “Ctrl” and press “-” or “+”

The information in these guidelines is necessary for you to succeed in Mobile Search Engine Battle.
Please take time to read through them and do your best to make reasonable judgments and
provide helpful comments. If you’re having difficulty understanding what we’re looking for, please
re-read these guidelines.
We care more about the quality of your judgments than the speed. Poor quality judgments may
result in permanent banning from the HitApp. Good comments and insightful judgments may make
you eligible for additional incentive bonuses.

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Introduction and Basic Guidelines
In the mobile side-by-side task (also known as Mobile Search Engine Battle), you will see a query, the user’s
location, and two side-by-side pages of web results (SERPs) on simulated phone screens.

User Location...

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