Teaching and Learning Methods

Teaching and Learning Methods

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Information Technology BCS-Professional Graduate Diploma
Course Description/Learning Outcomes Teaching Approaches and Assessment Details
Course Code: Location: WD/PGD-09 152 – 154 Black Horse Road London, E17 6NH Lead the World with Knowledge

Teaching and Learning
Teaching methods are tailored to the key aspects of the learning situation and thus take various forms. Group work, case study analysis, presentations, BCS mediated learning, role-play and simulation, workshops, practical computer work, library-based research and activity-based projects, supplement traditional lectures and seminars. Through these learning methods you will develop the skills and attributes necessary for a successful career in computer networks.

Starts September Starts January Full-time Part-time day Part-time evening Part-time day and evening Yes Yes Yes No No No

A range of assessment methods will complement the diversity of teaching and learning methods. These will include coursework, seen and unseen examinations, time-constrained assignments, group and individual presentations, reports, reviews and projects.

Aims of the course

• To explore a range of modern programming languages and programming techniques • To appreciate the contribution language designers can make to software engineering practice • To select appropriate software development tools for given application environments • To develop a wide understanding of system design methods, together with a critical practitioner’s knowledge of at least one such method and a general familiarity with a number of others, not restricted to a single application area • To develop a technical overview of the Web & emerging platforms • To appreciate the mechanisms by which web content can be enriched to take account of contextual factors • To identify, evaluate and apply appropriate technologies for Web development • To provide in-depth understanding of the methods and techniques that can be utilized in...

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