Teaching - Essay

Teaching - Essay

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82 Leathley Avenue
LS29 6DN

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Sandra Elaine Thomas

Personal Profile:

I am organised and self motivated, having structured my own teaching, including lessons and observations, including following the EAL curriculum. I liaise with other tutors, community centre workers and funding leaders. I have communicated with various sectors of the community within all my working experience. This includes unemployed clients, disabled, elderly clients and diverse ethnic groups. This has required dedication, good communication skills and intuition dealing with potential issues which have arisen in the past. I am accurate with all my work, from having to rate benefit payments accurately to assessing students work towards achieving units in entry 1,2 and 3. I have also worked in care work, as the funding for the teaching has not been as easy to attain therefore I have been pro-active in looking for other employment. In all my work I have to prioritise to deal effectively with each situation. This means in the clerical work I had to work with the clients but maintain clerical records accurately on each one. In my teaching I take the lessons but have to ensure evidence for the modules is recorded as the lesson proceeds. This has meant becoming a NSP moderator, assessing students files and deciding on the work that meets the criteria. I have taught at a summer school at Bradford college, working with an all male class. Recently I have worked with female students on a pre-entry course but I have also assessed up to level 2 in the EAL curriculum. I can work on my own initiative and I enjoy the challenge of making correct decisions. My independent work includes teaching which requires a structured approach to each task and the activity co-ordinator job, required preparing activities and implementing this into the days rota. The homecare work requires working independently assessing each situation and...

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