Teaching Grammar

Teaching Grammar

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"Knowing a language is not just a matter of having grammatical 'competence' ........ We have seen that we also need to add communicative competence - that is the understanding of what language is appropriate within certain situations." The Practice of English Language Teaching - Harmer

Is there any place for teaching grammar in a formal manner? Give reasons for your answer and include a discussion of what you mean by ‘a formal manner’.

This task should be between 500 and 750 words in length.

Knowledge of the grammar of a language is very important and useful for learners and, in my opinion, teaching grammar in a formal manner must be part of the process of teaching a language. In other words, the process of teaching a language must include a description of the regularities in a language.
The knowledge of these regularities provides the learner with the means to generate a potentially enormous number of original sentences.
As Scott Thornbury says in his book ‘How To Teach Grammar’, grammar is like a ‘sentence-making machine’ because its teaching offers the learner ‘the means for potentially limitless linguistic creativity.”
‘There is no doubt that a knowledge – implicit or explicit – of grammatical rule is essential for the mastery of a language’ Penny Ur, author of Grammar Practice Activities
If learners don’t have a good grammar instruction they might be at risk of compromising their linguistic competence. Their productive skills, speaking and writing, will be compromised.
Grammar acts as a kind of ‘advance organizer’ for the learner later acquisition of the language. I think it is essential to provide learners with grammar inputs in order to create a solid base in which they can rely on while interacting naturally with native speakers of the language they’re learning.
On the other hand, learners must acquire communicative competence, as well, which involves knowing how to use the grammar and the vocabulary of the language, This is important for...

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