Teaching-Learning Process - Evaluation

Teaching-Learning Process - Evaluation

EVALUATION of Teaching-Learning
Two-fold process:
- Evaluation of Teaching
- Evaluation of Learning

 Determine to what extent each objective was achieved;
 Determine what the client has learned;
 Determine the effectiveness of the nurse’s teaching.

Evaluation of TEACHING
- Assess the effectiveness of the teaching activities
- Decide which modifications, if any, are necessary
Activities evaluating teaching effectiveness
- Feedback from learner
- Feedback from colleagues
- Situational feedback
- Self-evaluation
Facilitated through:
- Use of goals that are measurable and specific
NURSING CHECKLIST Evaluation of Teacher effectiveness
 Was content presented clearly and at the client’s level of comprehension?
 Was the presentation (session) interesting?
 Did the nurse use a variety of teaching aids?
 Were the teaching aids appropriate for the client and the content?
 Was client participation encouraged?
 Was the nurse supportive?
 Did the nurse communicate an interest in the client and in the material?
 Did the nurse give frequent feedback and allow for immediate return demonstration?

Evaluation of LEARNING
- Determine what the client has learned
Strategies/Techniques in evaluating:
- Return Demonstrations
- Written follow-up (i.e. – questionnaires)
- Discussion
• Does the client mention enough of what you are looking for to indicate learning? If not, is it because the client needs more education.
- Oral/Verbal questioning
• "Tell me what side effects you should watch for?"
• "What is the first thing you should do if your baby won’t stop crying?"
- Direct Observation
• Observe a client nursing her baby.
• Watch the wife change the husband’s dressing.
- Self-reports and self-monitoring
• "Bring your record of blood pressure readings."
• “When you come next time, tell me about your Alanon meeting."
NURSING CHECKLIST Evaluation of Learning
 Did the client meet...

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