Teaching Philosophy of Self

Teaching Philosophy of Self

Teaching Philosophy – ‘Co Creation’

‘To Teach’ can be a one sided effort. The teacher works towards imparting knowledge to a student. But if the student is not interested to gain the knowledge then it becomes one sided effort with less than desired outcome.

I believe in ‘Co Creation’. The teacher needs to create a desire in student to learn. Once the student is interested than teacher and student ‘co create’. They together create the objective for learning, environment for learning and together own the responsibility for learning.

‘To Teach’ leads to a student gaining his teacher’s knowledge. In ‘Co Creation’ the students gains his own knowledge because they have been part of its creation. This leads to more confident students; students who not only have functional skills and techniques but also the capability to handle new issues, challenges because of their stronger thinking capabilities.

‘Co Creation’ requires a teacher to have self confidence to handle differences and many a times blatant challenges from students. The confidence of knowledge, humility to discuss issues and the capacity to acknowledge differences is important to be practiced by teacher. The freedom to think has to be tampered with the discipline in the class. The teacher needs to set the boundaries for the same and enforce it rigorously.

I have in my teaching assignments used various techniques for ‘Co Creation’. These include role plays in the class, students’ presentations, provocative classroom discussions, case study methods, open book quiz, sharing experiences and importantly seeking regular feedback.

- Davinder Singh

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