Teaching Styles 1

Teaching Styles 1

Discuss the importance of; the ability to think critcally, a commitment to lifelong learning; and awareness of your own, learning styles, attitudes, etc; and an understanding of the issues, trends and requirements of one’s chosen profession, in achieving success in university study and professional life.

Success at university is every person’s own greatest utmost priority. Although there are following factors in which influence success at university. Therefore this essay will be discussing the factors that are the ability to think critically, commitment to lifelong learning, skill of self-awareness, how these issues, trends and requirements of only ones selected career will lead to success. The four factors as mentioned before will individually be contrasted to university studies for a student undergoing education, which is the example of a professional life.

Critical thinking as Joseph [online 1996] defined as cultivated analytical skills allowing students to logically comprehend and solve complex concepts or problems. The ability to critically think when it comes to university study it is not a requirement to be a critical thinker but being able to critically think on the any given subject matter you are presented will help you gain knowledge from adopting a ‘deep’ approach. Although, a majority of people do not know how to harness potential of this skill of critical thinking into a tool that could serve them throughout their university years.

The transition from university studying to the professional career will always require them to be critical thinkers especially in the chosen profession of Education. Martin (2002) states teachers are frequently confronted with new educational programmes packaged as curricular interventions, which they must incorporate in their teaching. The teachers would need to be constantly questioning what is the educational purpose of the software through the sense of education for what strands or curriculum it fits in....

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